How do I make a withdrawal?

Log in to ZEN22 Account > Withdrawal > Select Preferred Payment Options > Fill in Details

An Account Holder is only allowed to request withdrawals of funds held on ZEN22 Account to your personal account created with one of the Financial Institutions or their licensees. An Account Holder is responsible for providing ZEN22 with the correct details of his/her personal account for the purpose of withdrawals from your ZEN22 Account.

Please note that it is the Account Holder’s sole responsibility to ensure that he/she complies with the Payment Rules.

What is the minimum amount required for a withdrawal??

The minimum payout for withdrawal is RM 50.

ZEN22 will not be held responsible in the event that any transaction was declined by a financial institution due to incorrect personal details provided by the player. Please inform us if there is anything wrong with your personal details.

How long will it take to process my withdrawal?

Should funds be withdrawn, it will be handled by our professional payment team. Larger withdrawals may take longer to be processed. Before any approval of withdrawal request, ZEN22 reserves the right to request from players for any form of documentary evidence to support the proof of identity. Failure to provide with said documentation might result in revocation of winnings and account suspension. Documentation includes but is not limited to identity card, driving license, bank statement and passport.

Are there any withdrawal fees?

No, there will not be additional charges incurred.

Are my transaction details secure?

We maintain the utmost available means to ensure that your transaction details remain safe with us. All information is transferred using encryption technologies and once stored on our servers, it is maintained safe using the latest technologies available today. Both our website and software use all available means to maintain data accuracy and privacy to protect your data from being misused and/or lost.

Can I make a withdrawal before I finish wagering?

Yes, the amount of withdrawal will be based on the amount available in your ZEN22 Account.

Can I make a withdrawal through a third party account?

No. User is only allowed to make a withdrawal through the registered bank account that matched with the Account registered. Please note that a user is not allowed to register more than one account. This means only one account is allowed to be registered per person, household, family, household address, email address, credit card number or shared computer environment. Any withdrawal made from a duplicate account will be considered unauthorised and will be claimed back.